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Topic: Problems with Syncronisation

Updated: 06.02.2002
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* Since there are often problems and questions with the Syncronisation, I try to describe the process of the Sync simply times.
This description is independent of whether it concerns Outlook, Notes or other programs or also PSION, PALM etc..
It is always the same procedure.

* The Sync software check with the first Sync contents of both data bases and creates a list and continues these in the future.
Always the entries of the two data bases on PC and PDA are off then compared with the list.
That is necessary, in order to determine, in which data base which changed or whether a date was deleted.
The Topic of the date is not accurately directly (" meetings " - " meeting", etc.) like that is this for the Sync software two different entries.
Whether the entries on a date are situated are all the same.
Something similar applies to the following case.
You enter the holidays in Outlook.
You make the same also in the PSION, then detects the Sync software, a new date in Outlook and enters these in the PSION.
At the same time it determines in addition, that in the PSION a new entry is available (here the holiday) and enters this industriously in the Outlook.
If then are a-slowly-acting not accurately alike, the data bases are written back into the target systems and then you have already times two entries (here holidays) there.
If now then again at a holiday a modification takes place (you give still another note or similar to the date.) then it can be, which with the next Sync you can have on system also well three entries.
A further technological problem, is the determination of accurately same entries.
In all Sync programs a strategy for this case can be created.
The strategy determines which page wins.

* A further question me often achieved, is whether one two PDAs (PSION or PALM, etc..) with a Desktop-Software can be syncronised.
In addition the following:
For the normal user this is not so simply possible.
Those I recommend be simple to let it.

For experienced and experienced user I could the following recommending.
If one gets two lists over different programs created, could fold.
Runs however times somewhat inclined, then one has a chaos directly on all system.
Resumee: At this constellation highest concentration is required!

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