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Topic: Support for Psion 5mxPRO

Updated: 18.07.2001
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I have a Nokia 6210 (e-plus network) and the guidance of Psion for Internet binding via infrared downloaded.
This essentially corresponds with other publications.
I made the adjustments as in the diagrams.
When testing the connection with COMMS however no letters, thus also not "AT-instruction", can be input.
The keyboard does not react at all, in other programs however problem-free.

What now? Where is the error situated? How can one manage a safe Internet binding something with freenet?

A problem could be the initialization of the modem (GSM-Phone) with the AT instruction.
In the forum of www.psionwelt.de have already some users of contributions to Nokia posted.

Why COMMS not functioned I cannot say to you, since I did not use the program ever.
If a selection to Internet on the GSM-Phone the displays "connect with..." or the like is, then the initialization of the Psion/GSM-Phone is OK.

To freenet:
I do not know the Provider personally. Which you however always need are, a telephone number to the a selection in a gateway and the
appropriate log (see below), the moreover user name and password.
Some Provider put the IP address and the DNS address to you (the Psion) with the a selection at the disposal.
For other Provider the IP and the DNS must be entered by hand under Internet services on the Psion.
Perhaps this information already helps you

Hello, I saw that you already once successfully connected a Psion via infrared port with Windows, this would like I now also gladly once to try, however under Windows 2000. Only which stands still in the way, is the switching of the communication channel of PSIWIN, which you mentioned in the following record:
"... one must click however with "PSION workbench" me the right mouse button and place the communication channel up "infrared ... "

However I could not this switching possibility simply find, perhaps know you, here further still another Screenshot of context menus of the psion workstation:

... this is the only one, which I did not find in other place (with me the IrDa adapter hangs on COM2) doing however :-(

2 things should you check:

1. The PSION workstation is natural on the PSION and not in the WIN There there is also the entry.
2. If in the dialog box jojo.gif no Infrarotprot is located, there also no infrared folds.
Do you have into the WIN statusline the infrared symbol?
The IRDA is announced as network. Is with WIN2000 also like that?
Is the Main board with IRDA Enabled? Check please times.

I copied the IrDA interface. After I had activated these in the Bios, as with you described Win98SE finds also an interface. However does nothing occur in my Windows!?!?

In the task border down on the right a symbol must have been additionally entered.
That is created there automatically with the IrDA installation with.
If you click on the IRDA monitor starts.
If you put then an IrDA able device before that to IrDA eye, the monitor displays the device with its identifier to you!
One cannot make more with Windows alone. They need then still software around your devices to respond.

I find it under system control/network, as well as in /system/device manager/network.

That is positive

No Icon developed and it gives no possibility in "transmits" something to do on.

With transmitting you mean the WIN filemanager of rights mouse button on?! There also nothing will occur!

*A of Q:
PSIWIN instaliert again, then it ran

I deal with myself with the purchase of a Psion or a Compaq Win Ce of device.
With your empiric report I read points of criticism specified down regarding the filemanager. I operate with Windows 2000 and Outlook 2000.
If the filemanager and the Desktop structure are damaged, which mostly ends with a new installation, I have to consider a Psion 5mx to buy.
Is the risk how large?
Know a favorable source of purchase for the 5mx with newest software.

approx. a half year ago I was before the same problem as you.
I searched that for Internet + and - for Palm OS, EPOC-OS and WIN CE OS.
Fast became clear me, which is the Win CE OS the most been subject of the three systems.
It is slow (one knows from the PC), must every two weeks started again, needs enormous amounts at RAM Recourcen and naturally also still current. (always carry a battery-pack forward!).
Advantage however: one knows oneself in the environment already out.
A colleague of me has bought 5 Weeks ago by himself and now hears I him swearing.

Thus only Palm and EPOC remained.
Still to mention is, which we use in the operation WIN NT 4.0 and Lotus Notes.
At home I operate with Win98 and Outlook97.
The alignment with the calendar and contacts fold with both OSen to 99%.
Since I did not however only want to adjust contacts and agenda, but also texts to write and tables produce, I wanted to have a keyboard.
Of the folding keyboard for PALM one at present hardly hears which. Neither + nor -.
There the market becomes remained only for PSION with EPOC closely and in such a way. Then I saw a display of a used 5mxPRO in a forum.
And in such a way I slammed shut.
To the prices I can say, which these vary depending upon provider strongly: 1300DM to 1600Dm.
See www.ABYTE.de. If necessary I can call you still further (would be now on the fast too much expenditure for me).

The filemanager problem is the following:
The PSION is merged completely into the system. In addition the SW PSIWIN2.3 in the filemanager must install entries (ICONS).
That is not quite cleanly programmed apparent. Under Win98 that can be done sometimes inclined (approx. 10%).
A new installation is not necessary however! In operation with WinNT there were so far still no problems.
That might give then with you with Win 2000 also no problems. For Outlook2000 there are a Patch with www.psion.de.
Is to run cleanly.
hello, has the following problem:
and wants the connection to the PC possesses the PSION 5mx to install,
if all tips considered Baud rate with coms and, nevertheless no connection comes.
If I click psion workstation, I (no connection) see give it further possibilities why it do not fold.
Please around assistance, are already quite despairs to cordial ones thanks

I assume that times, which you have WIN98. Then you must naturally provide in the system control firstonce for it,
that installed the Win98 the drivers.
In the device manager then the infrared link must be available.
Check must you also the wetting factory environment. There also the infrared driver must be installed.

If that is everything there, then a IrDA symbol must in the status line (down on the right).
If the PSION is ON and communication is on infrared, then the symbol in the status line must change,
if you place PSION before the IrDA eye.

Doubleclick on the symbol and there can you then read:
Connected with Symbian EPOC

That means, that the PSIWIN thereby does not function.
In the characteristics under port must "infrared" be now.
This selecting and taking over press. Then it should run.
You find a Workaround to the PSIWIN error in my homepage www.gensicke-online.de/psion

By the way, you must have the PSIWIN2.3. I believe to know, which the older versions with the infrared of problems had.

I have always still problems with my PSION can you possibly say which for logs for Irda instaled!
And other adjustments which you made!

They must still say to the Psion, on which channel it is to transmit/receive data!
I.e. in the menu line in the "system" on communication and the connection goes placing there on "cables".
If you should make communication by infrared the PC, then you should I mean Tipps to infrared again to look at.

*A des Q:
I white it which now it was. Apparent the PSION a data transmission rate of 115,2 may not run kb/s has it now on 57... and it occurs no unterbrechnungen more!

That means in addition, that all backups and datatransfers should take the doubble time.
Strangely, with me the thing with 115kbaud and good transfer quality runs

Only now and then times if I do not take it briefly times find from PSIWIN away it no more

Then you must make the workaround. Then it goes again.

Over night the Psion had opened unfold. Something touched the display.
Consequence: Battery is empty - protection battery is empty - all data away.
Latest backup is 6 weeks ago

The following message appear on the display:
Compact Flash disk insert or serial connection make
A Flash I do not have disk Backup.
A serial connection is not possible!!!

How can I re-establish the status 6 weeks ago ago now???

Rear one, where the Backup of 6 weeks ago ago is?
On the PC or on the CF-Card?
As the first you must again up-play the operating system. That is simply also that orig. CF-Card of PSION possible, is you syß$bin.rom on the CF deleted.
Then you must make YMODEM a connection to the PSION by PC.
For all these problems there are with www.psionwelt.de good Workarounds or forum contributions.

I could again install the operating system and repair my backupcopy.
However I knew the birthdays and function lists to the agenda do not save have you much-calibrates an idea there?

There I see black for you.

I possess this device for approx. one year and am very content thereby.
I grope along also ever more to the Raffinessen of this device near.
So far has I mean agenda synchronized with Lotus Org.97.
Since I changed over in the passed month my PC Org. to Outlook 97, I am before an enormous mystery, because Outlook 97 cannot be synchronized with the Psion.

Do you have possibly tap for me???

my knowledge does not go the Syncronisation with PSIWIN2.3 and Outlok2000.
There is now with PSION in the Download a Patch for the PSIWIN, which is however still in the beta phase (PSIWIN2.3.2beta).
I read only good in some forums over this Patch.

They can check times with www.psionwelt.de, look there in the forum questions or in old forum entries for it.
There were contributions in each case still in addition.
I use Outlook97!

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