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Topic: Failures of Siemens S35i

Updated: 03.12.2002
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GSM-Phone S35i

The S35 is a good functioning GSM Phone for Office use.
But read the article.

* On November 02 2000 I purchased a new mobilephone of the company Siemens, the S35.
During first 9 months the mobile telephone in some situations behaved strangely:

* At the September 04 2001 the mobile telephone in the D2-Shop became to lodge a complaint.
The coworker in the Shop tightened then a software status very much become outdated and let the mobilephone over the SWAP service exchange.
I kept then a new device two days later.

* In the process of the use of the new mobilephone tightens I then several times, which in the display "card error".
That is strange, because the device was situated all day long on the desk or in a bag.
Thus I lodged a complaint this mobilephone on October 22 2001.
The coworker called a reason that there were some series, with whom it frequently problems with the card reader gave.
I kept again a new device from the SWAP service two days later.

* During the further use I determined then that suddenly the device beeped and was than I then at the phone, was it already power off.
Since I could not explain myself this phenomenon, I observed the mobile telephone some days.
Thus I determined, which was not either the Accu defectively or possibly somewhat again once at the device correct.
The Siemens Website and the phone-hotline suggested then loading the Accu during a very long period around an alleged over-discharging to cancel.
This did not bring anything.
A further suggestion was to exchange the Accu against another Accu.
Thus that the Accu was correct, the device showed up however again once one defectively has.
Thus I lodged a complaint a third time the mobile telephone on November 16 2001.
Again I got a new device over the SWAP service.

* It would have been beautiful now to finally have peace and enjoy the new mobilephone.
But the receipt of the device is disturbed unfortunately.
At the place, because of which so far the mobilephone with two receipt beams was, no more receipt is or only sporadically possible with the fourth mobilephone received last.
It resulted in comparative measurements with my old Siemens E10D and a CallYa card in the device that the device to two receipt beams a more displays, as the S35.
That leads to which I am logged in only rarely in buildings in the network.
Thus I lodged a complaint the mobilephone then for the fourth time on December 02 2001.

After these experiences I can maintain now Siemens it the genuine problem in quality have.
Apparent the portable radio area was not up to to the request of the fastness of the market.
The D2-Shop, each mark very nice humans there, the problems of your supplier must pay for that.

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