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Topic: AT-Codes for Siemens S35i

Updated: 01.04.2003
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GSM-Phone S35i

* If you want to connect to Internet by (GSM-)Modem, you must use AT-Codes for configuration the modem (AT=Attention).
At this site, i would tell you about this in context with the PSION organizer.

AT-Codes will use while the configuration and initalizing of the (GSM-)Modem.
This Codes would not send to outside
Every AT-Code have a header with an "a" and a "t", like "at"-Codes.
The transmition of this Codes is done by the Low-Level-standard of ACSII-Code.
The AT-Codes include the BAUD-Rate, the flowcontrol, e.g. befor a transmition startet to the Gateway.

In my Configuration the Siemens S35 need the Init-String "atz".

PSION Modem Initalizing-Screen

Other Publications say also "at&f\q1".

* On my  Link-Site I have placed two important Links to this Topic:
- At Siemens you can get a Lsit of all AT-Codes form the Siemens S35. And there is a Instruction-Manual how to install a GSM-Modem under MS WINDOWS.
- A very interesting Sampling of GSM-Modem-Informations you can get on nobbi. He has a List of all GSM-AT-Codes and the Siemens-AT-Codes.

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