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Topic: reparatur of the Pointer-Pin-Holder

Updated: 07.02.2004
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* When my PSION for me was still new, I had naturally check all the forums and homepage for information.
I discovered the homepage from  H.Wessel, who created a guidance for dividing the PSION.
These I printed out by myself and stored into my file to have to never use in hope the guidance.

* A daily I came home and my woman said, which do not tune there which with the pointer-pin in the PSION.
What made you?
Naturally has you the pin throught out of the cabinet(!), instead of causing it with a light pressure to jumping out!

What occurred with the Pointer-Pin-Holder?
The retaining spring is by the course and could not not again back.
The PSION had to be divided. To take the file with thus guidance and hope.

* Thus I opened then full courage the PSION after  guidance and brought the feather/spring back into your original position.
Thereby nothing occurred to the PSION and runs still well!

I can only each guessing to follow the  guidance since the PSION is much filigranes a piece!

* Supplement of 12.02.2001 about "Pointer-Pin-Holder" of Holger Wessel:
"case the problem with the pin times again occurs, does not need you it apart possibly at all to take. Often it is enough to press with a cord needle (long and thin) to in the back into the pin mounting plate (attention), and the feather/spring branches back into the correct position."

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