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Topic: Hints to Lotus Notes with the PSION

Updated: 04.01.2003
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* The following Zenario ask I you to present: your PSION is attached at the PC on the job. Its Lotus Notes is "open".
There does the question arise nevertheless, in which I enter system the dates and/or the contacts?
Naturally invitations for discussions, dates or other are registered by the Notes into the calendar.
What is however with entries by the user to be made?

The answer to this question depends on the one hand of it which system is its "favourite system", in addition, of it one made which experiences with syncronisierten entries.
Thus I register no more repetition dates for example in principle, neither in Notes nor in the PSION.
The reason lies which delete with the later the "automatic" repeated dates syncronisation comes in disorder. (actually an error Syncsoftware!)
On the other hand I can type in addition, not each entry on the new.
Here it proved as meaningful to accomplish such repetition entries on the Notes:

1. One registers the first date in Notes-Kalender.
2. Copies this date into the intermediate file and
3. inserts it e.g. in the next week on the same day again.

Notes behaves here more favorably than the PSION agenda.
Notes copies thereby also the time of the date.
The PSION agenda only contents of the date, which follows to has that one must do each date over again with the time.

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