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Topic: Contacts for NETSCAPE-Adressbook

Updeated: 18.07.2001
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* I did not succeed in so far exporting the address data bank "contacts.cdb" in a slide.

* The file "contacts.cdb" is situated on the Psion in draw-eats "c:\system\data" and can from there on the PC be copied.
Unfortunately the PSIWIN converter does not announce itself to copying, thus that the file after copying on the PC lands accurately in such a way.
Only individual addresses can be transferred. Also in the import goes only with individual addresses!

* There is a way nevertheless! I needed my contacts in the NETSCAPE-Adressbook over with the NETSCAPE Messenger better to operate to be able.

So I syncronise my contacts with Outlook and exports then the contacts as "text for Windows with comma separately".
Comes out a CSV-FILE, which can be again read in by the symbol table.
OK ONE, is which complicated, because the NETSCAPE-Adressbook must get then again all designators assigned, but it functions!

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