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Thema: Hinweise zu InSyncPRO

Aktualisiert: 04.01.2003
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* If the Syncronisation does not run is the annoying. Particularly since in these cases also still fast an alignment must be made, since one must urgently e.g. on official travel.

I had the problem that from one day on the other one the agenda Sync with an error message broke off: "with the Syncronisation an error arose."

By this more or less suitable error message one stands quite for helpless.
A new installation of the Syncronisation brought just as few, as the new installation of InSync to PRO.

After some weeks, I have grind and experiment on the manufacturer web page of InSync PRO "time information services" under "http://www.timeis.com" a posting inquiry.
These very competent humans (unfortunately only English) could help me after some back and forth:
Successively I should switch on and see the individual Sync kinds, when the error arises.
The crucial dialogue box is down shown.

With the further tests, it turned out that there was a problem with the tasks (tasks).
Since these are not so important for me, I excluded these from the Syncronisation.
Later I then also determined, which very many crossed out events very probably disturbed the Syncronisation.  on top

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