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Topic: Backup of the PSION data

Updated: 18.07.2001
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* To make a backup is a basic important, all the same whether PC or PSION.
Thus I often used also the provided backup and stored my data also at the same time on the CF-Card.
When it came to a damage and I had to open the computer (the pointer-pin throuht out by female-force from the PSION), all data and adjustments were lost.
"OK, I had thought: I had always made backups!"
After the new installation of the operating system and a following rebackup had I the impression that the more current data were overwritten by older. So was it then also. A luck had I still my data on the CF-Card!
Either I had it made false or the backing up program has a bug.
After the crash I only can recommend a manual backup. In addition I copy all data from the document and system files on draw-eat my PC fixed disk, which become along also from a PC backup there.

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