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Topic: Support for Siemens S35i

Updated: 18.07.2001
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I have problems with the SMS to transmit with my Siemens S35 i.
Ordinary SMS-Transmissions of the other GSM-Phones arrive, but messages (SMS) of the computer over free providers e.g. the "Free-SMS" do not arrive, why not?

There I am surely the false partner. From the GSM D2-Vodafon I know, which can be delayed a message (SMS or E-Mail) up to 48 hours.
Why this like that is, do not point I also. I already had the problem with the Free SMS provider. I do now simply no more!
Those want to have only the telephone number and personal data of the users nothing at all!

Can you something please help, or do you tell me how I adjust the GSM-Phone?

There s nothing to adjust at all!


Could you indicate to me please, where I can find AT-instruction for S35i in the Internet?

I do not know the AT-instruction for the Siemens Handy S35i also. In the manual they are not also located in it.
Possibly you must contact the homepage from Siemens "www.siemens.com/mobils".
Check the content and transmit a E-Mail to the support.
Which goes in addition, try to use the standard instructionsset of analog modems. These can you take from a modem guidance or as an input of a searchmachine "AT-instruction".

*A of Q:
Thanks for your tip ! I visited Siemens's WEB-Site and found all necessary information.

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