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Topic: analog modem Creatix LC144CF

Updated: 18.07.2001
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* At home I take up contact over an old analog modem to this E-Mail account.
A Creatix LC14.4CF is enough completely out (14400 Baud), in order to receive or dispatch times fast E-Mails.

* The connection to the modem is made over the serial cable of the PSI-WIN with a small adapter, which crosses the connections:

RxD with TxD (Pin 2 on Pin 3)
TxD with RxD (Pin 3 on Pin 2)
DTR with DSR (Pin 4 on Pin 6)
DSR with DTR (Pin 6 on Pin 4)
RTS with CTS (Pin 7 on Pin 8)
CTS with RTS (Pin 8 on Pin 7)
Ri remains Ri (Pin 1 on Pin 1)
DCD remains DCD (Pin 9 on Pin 9)
GND remains GND (Pin 5 on Pin 5)

* I made the following adjustment in the system control under MODEM:

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