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Topic: Operatingsystem into the PSION

Updated: 01.06.2003
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* On the screen: " No operating system can find! "
Then you have probably no CF-Card into it and/or your delete the CF-Card with the important file SYS$BIN.ROM.

* But how you get now the file again on the CF-Card?
In addition you must the SYS$BIN.ROM of the  PSION-Webpage download (current version: Epoc release 5, V1.05, Build 319, file size 10MByte) and copy it onto the CF-Card.
You can copy the file most simply with a CF-Card reader at the PC.
This gives it as external USB equipment or as Multi Card reader to the installation to the PC.
Then you can try the hard RESET again.

* You have no CF-Card?
Then you should  add your selves one. Because on it you can store not only the operating system file placing, but also backup copies of the system and your data.

In order to be able to use this  new CF-Card, it had to be formatted only once.
This happens through: "formating menu - disk - disk"
For the 32MByte the Psion needs about 1 minute.
Subsequently, the 32MByte is available.

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